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Four outta Five DevCentral members will appear in person at #F5Agility 2016. That’s right! Jason, John, Chase and yours truly will be in Chicago next week for F5’s annual gathering of customers and partners. The DevCentral area will be in the heart of the Solution Expo and we’ll be offering some short technical presentations throughout the event. We’ll also have some t-shirts to give away along with a few other goodies. Here is where we’ll be: And here is our presentation schedule* to lock in to your mobile app. If you will be at Agility 2016, please stop by to see us. And here are your Top 10 reasons to visit DevCentral at F5 Agility 2016: This is your F5 community Learn some new technical tips Ask your technical questions Watch a few technical presentations Our presentations are only 20 minutes Meet the team Grab a T-shirt Hang with other DC community members Rela... (more)

Finalists Announced For The Bluetooth® Breakthrough Awards

Last night, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced the 11 finalists for the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards. Asthmapolis, FMC, LUMO BodyTech, MapMyFitness, Novalia, Orbotix, Parrot, Swissmed Mobile, Tethercell, Weartech, and zSmart. The Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards are an annual program that recognizes the best Bluetooth enabled products and applications on the market today, as well as innovative prototypes of products coming soon. “2012 was a pretty incredible year for Bluetooth – we saw rapid adoption of Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart technology, a huge influx in Bluetooth audio products, and a wealth of applications launched utilizing Bluetooth connectivity,” said Suke Jawanda, Bluetooth SIG CMO. “The finalists selected for the Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards are a perfect snapshot of the vast network of Bluetooth enabled products. From tin... (more)

Obsession with the Sea

Once a favorite haunt of pirates, and the setting for Treasure Island, the riches in this area of the West Indies now lie in abundant coral reefs and unpopulated islands accessible only by boat. The crisp, crackling underwater sound I heard was unfamiliar to me. I tried to pinpoint it while caught up in the mesmerizing world of slowly waving purple sea fans, magenta-colored coral, and schools of fish ranging from electric blue to vibrant yellow. When I was able to tear myself away long enough to return to the tender of the 85ft Hatteras, Obsession, I removed my snorkel and asked Captain Gene Costa about the source of the noise. He told me it was the sound of the vividly colored, multistriped parrotfish chewing on the coral. In fact, he said, their teeth are designed for just that purpose. I resumed my drifting, facedown in the 86-degree turquoise sea, this time focuse... (more)

Stanford University iPhone Training Reaches 1M Downloads

Yesterday Stanford University made an announcement that its free iPhone application Development Training Course - CS193P, has broken the 1 Million Downloads barrier in 7 weeks! See the Stanford University press release here.  This semester’s 10 week class has been available on iTunesU since it started on April 1st and is again being taught by Alan Cannistraro, Evan Doll and a few other guest presenters mainly from Apple. The Syllabus is well thought out and covers all of what a budding iPhone developer would need to know and can be viewed here. The production of the videos has been slick and timely, each being available for download after a few days, along with any demo code and presentation slides in .PDF format. It leaves all of us, that with to take part remotely, free to take their time and re-review at their leisure. I have been enjoying the classes via iTunes ... (more)

Something Special for Java User Group Members at JavaOne

Something Special for Java User Group Members at JavaOne If you are a member of a local of the JUG, please  to stop by the Java.net Community Corner (booth 532) in the Moscone Pavillion during JavaOne and introduce yourself as a JUG member to Nichole Scott or Aaron Houston...they  have a small gift for you...or a T-shirt. Also, there will be a special SF Meeting at Argent Hotel, Concordia Room on May 17 from 5:00 to 7:00PM. This hotel is located near Moscone center. Agenda: 5:00 - 5:20 Java EE 5 Overview - Bill Shannon 5:20 - 5:40 AJAX Frameworks and Technologies - Vish Vettrivel & Dan Harlow, Vircon Corp 5:40 - 6:00 GlassFish Introductions and Awards - Carla Mott/Ken Drachnik 6:00 - 7:00 Refreshments posted Thursday, 4 May 2006 tags: 2006  jug  javaone ... (more)

ColdFusion Prevents Nudity

Have you ever come up with something clever and thought "Wow that should be on a T-shirt or something"? In the summer before my senior year of high school, my friend Graham Stevenson and I had that thought many times. So many in fact that we decided we should start a T-shirt company to address the growing demand for trendy yet original clothing. When we first started talking about the idea most people asked us "How are you going to start a business with no money, no investors, and no time?" The answer usually made my peers giggle, "It's easy, I'll use ColdFusion." Of course they didn't know I was talking about the handy server-side scripting tool that would allow me to do everything from marketing my website to order processing and inventory tracking. Background I had been using ColdFusion only a bit since I was introduced to it at a summer internship a few summers ... (more)

Extending the Product Catalog

As more and more companies focus on providing higher levels of personalization in the products and services they offer, it's only natural that their online channels offer this same level of personalization. WebLogic Portal includes product catalog components capable of flexibly managing hierarchies of products and services. By default, products in the catalog are defined using standard Dublin Core attributes. This default configuration is sufficient to support most types of products sold over the Internet - books, hardware, camaras, etc. However, certain types of products require that customers select from among desired options before the products can be purchased. We can group these "configurable" products into three main categories based on their configuration needs: Light product configurations: Products that have a small number of simple, mandatory configurable... (more)

Interop Las Vegas Previews Announcements From More Than 100 Exhibitors and Sponsors

SAN FRANCISCO, March 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Interop previews the latest innovations and news from more than 100 exhibitors who will make announcements at Interop Las Vegas, happening next week, March 31-April 4 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. As the leading independent technology conference and expo series, Interop will highlight the latest advancements in networking, virtualization, cloud, mobility, data centers and everything in between. For more information and to register, please visit: interop.com. "Interop continues to inspire and inform the world's foremost IT decision makers, serving as a place to find actionable solutions for pain points and future developments in the enterprise," explained Jennifer Jessup, Interop General Manager. "Now more than ever it is critical for businesses to have the opportunity to evaluate products and services side... (more)

Adobe AIR Needs to Become a Real Desktop Platform

On Sunday morning, I got my two conference badges – one for Press and the other one as a Speaker.  Each of those gives an access to special receptions or meetings with Adobe big shots, and I don’t want to miss any of those. While waiting for the doors to the AIR Lab room to open, I overheard how one of the attendees have whispered to the other, “T-Shirts are over there!”. Now I can fulfill my main mission at MAX – bring MAX T-Shirt home for kids.  Being an honest person, I explained the t-shirt girl that I have two badges and asked if I can get two t-shirts.  She scanned both of my IDs – everything’s kosher. But then, the girl realized that making such decisions requires approval, and asked the senior t-shirt distributor for an advice. The older lady said, “No, one person – one t-shirt”. So much for being honest… My bad,  I violated the KISS principle – keep it simple... (more)

The Choice of a New Generation

Welcome to Your New Language One can assume that if you're reading a journal devoted to Java you've taken the first steps into this relatively new and emerging language that has filled up many columns in every major trade magazine since its release only a couple of years ago. You've seen the hype, read the leaflet, digested the ads and got the T-shirt! At this stage, you know Java is the language of the future, with its built in security and communication. Its ability to run on any platform supporting the runtime environment has been well publicized. You now want to join the throngs of developers who are churning out Java code 24 hours a day worldwide. But where do you begin? The simple answer is, here. This is where the journey to Java enlightenment begins. But before we begin, let's get our essentials together. The first tool that is required in any developer's inv... (more)

Like a Wet T-Shirt, Niagara's Form Vaguely Seen

Sun was at Hot Chips this week talking about its upcoming Niagara “throughput” processor, a little four-thread/eight-core number that’s reportedly hit silicon and should turn up in boxes in 2006. As glamorous as all this threads and cores business sounds, Niagara is still a relatively low-end chip that chip watcher Nathan Brookwood describes as “edgy” and meant for boxes that are “network facing, not data facing.” It’s not a number cruncher, but more of a web server platform. He said it was “very different and if it works, it’ll be a real boost in price/performance.” The promise of Niagara along with Sun’s upcoming number-crunching chip Rock, with even more threads and cores, may keep some of Sun’s customers from jumping ship. Sun has said Niagara is spec’d for throughput 15 times an UltraSparc IIi, which could be compared to a Pentium or low-end Xeon. Niagara was ... (more)